Group bookings

In case of larger groups, it is recommended to book the visit in advance. The Aura Centre will then guarantee free lockers based on the number of visitors booked.
We accept bookings for groups of 15 people or more. You can book by phone, email or fax.
Making and using the bookings:

  • It is recommended to make the booking about one month before the planned visit.
  • In order to avoid later misunderstandings, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the services and house rules of the Aura Centre when booking the visit.
  • The visit can be paid for in cash, with a bank card or on the basis of a bill for advance payment. In case of the bill, the payment has to be made well in advance so that the money is received on the bank account of the Aura Centre one working day before the visit at the latest.
  • When making a booking, it is very important to know the exact number of visitors. In order to avoid overbooking in women’s or men’s locker rooms, we wish to know the gender distribution of the group (how many women and men/girls and boys there are in the group) at least three days before the visit.
  • If it nevertheless happens that there are fewer visitors in the group than the advance payment was made for, there will be no refund. The remaining amount can be used to buy the services of the Aura Centre for 3 months after the group visit. Similarly to the first booking, the following visit has to be booked in advance. Any claims or requests for visits presented later than the said 3 months will not be satisfied.