The general principles specify the collection, processing, and use of the customer’s personal data in the course of OÜ Tartu Veekeskus providing services to the customer.

Personal data is collected:

- from the owners of a private person’s magnetic card, loyalty card, legal person’s magnetic card, gold card and athlete’s monthly cards.

- upon registering to Sauna Yoga, swimming ABC for children, and swimming lessons for grown-ups.

- in case of bookings for birthdays, groups, and other bookings.

The purposes of collecting personal data depend on the service used by the customer and may differ according to services.

The purposes are, together and separately, mainly to provide the desired service for the customer, giving discounts, identification, ensuring the customer’s safety and communicating important information about the service, also complying with the obligations set on us by laws regulating our activities.


Collecting and processing of personal data

The data controller of the customer’s personal data is OÜ Tartu Veekeskus, registry code 10738741, address Turu 10, Tartu, Tartu linn, 51014.

The extent of the personal data collected depends on the specific service. More precise information about the collected personal data is available by the descriptions of the specific services or the contracts concluded (upon providing a service to legal persons).

About customers who pay for the services by bank transfer, we collect payment data when processing the payments made to participate in trainings to comply with accounting obligations. Pursuant to the Accounting Act, we store the payment data for seven years.

The collected personal data has been communicated to OÜ Tartu Veekeskus by the customers voluntarily. As a rule, we get the data directly from you when you make a booking or inquiry via our webpage, phone, e-mail, purchase services directly by coming to us. Your data is communicated to us by contractual cooperation partners/companies.

The collected personal data may be used for marketing purposes only by OÜ Tartu Veekeskus.


Customer’s rights

The customer is entitled to receive information on what personal data OÜ Tartu Veekeskus has collected about them and how this data has been processed.

The customer is entitled to request amendment (correction, supplementation), deletion, or restriction of processing of their personal data and/or the personal data of their child/ward.

The customer may withdraw their consent for processing personal data.

A customer who receives but no longer wishes to receive a newsletter may at any time request to be removed from the list of newsletter recipients by writing an e-mail to or clicking the newsletter subscription removal link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Should the customer find that processing of their personal data by OÜ Tartu Veekeskus is not in compliance with the valid legislation, the customer is entitled to file a complaint to the Data Protection Inspectorate or to turn to the court.


Personal data protection and storage

In addition to OÜ Tartu Veekeskus, the customer’s data can be accessed by authorised persons who provide services to OÜ Tartu Veekeskus (e.g. providers of software development and maintenance services, providers of server and webpage services, etc.). Authorised persons are obliged to keep the personal data made known to them confidential.

On grounds specified in legislation, law enforcement organisations (e.g. Police and Border Guard Board) may have access to the customer’s data.

OÜ Tartu Veekeskus stores the data as long as it is required for providing the service, for the protection of OÜ Tartu Veekeskus’ rights, and until it is required by legislation.

Video surveillance recordings are stored for up to one month or as long as it is necessary for resolving a problem.



Security cameras have been installed to Aura Veekeskus to prevent threats to assets and persons, to react to threats, or to identify the perpetrator when the assets are damaged.

The cameras, which transmit real-time video feed, record it, and enable to process and replay it later, are placed in the indoor premises and external territory of OÜ Tartu Veekeskus. It is not allowed to record sound or monitor a specific person with the cameras, the cameras may record only a specific area (e.g. a room or corridor) and the events taking place there. There are signs with surveillance camera images on the external doors of the centre that notify of the use of cameras.

In processing the data collected using the cameras, Veekeskus uses such security measures which protect the collected data from involuntary or unauthorised monitoring, copying, alteration, removal, and deletion. The camera recordings can be accessed by the Service Manager, Technical Manager, Swimming Pool Manager, and Director of the centre. The recordings may be transmitted outside of the centre (e.g. to the police) or allowed to be accessed only on legal grounds.

Camera recordings are stored for up to 45 calendar days. After this deadline, the recordings are deleted either by using the data deletion function or by recording over the data, depending on the technical capabilities of the camera.

If you have any questions regarding the cameras, please call us at +372 7 300 280 or send an e-mail to


Amending the general principles of processing personal data

OÜ Tartu Veekeskus has the right to amend these general principles. A notification about the amendment will be posted on the company’s website. The valid general principles are always available on the company’s webpage.