Cookie policy of OÜ Tartu Veekeskus


1. Cookies
1.1. Cookies are small pieces of data which are stored by your browser in text format and resent to the website every time you make an inquiry there. This allows the server to differentiate your inquiry from others and offer you personalised data. Cookies may be used, for example, for logging onto a website, saving preferences, or saving the contents of a shopping cart so that chosen items do not have to be re-entered.
1.2. Tartu Veekeskus uses cookies to ensure a better user experience.
1.3. Tartu Veekeskus needs to use cookies for the technical functioning of the website. The use of cookies is based on the legitimate interest of Tartu Veekeskus to inform the public about the services offered and their contact details, while ensuring the ease of use of the website.
1.4. Cookies can be checked and deleted as desired. This can be done in the web browser you use (the steps are slightly different in every browser). It is possible to delete all cookies previously stored on your device and to disable further use of cookies. However, this may limit the use of various websites you use, as this change does not apply exclusively to the website of Tartu Veekeskus.
1.5. You can prohibit cookies in your browsers.

2. Browsing statistics
2.1. To collect data, Tartu Veekeskus uses the Google Analytics tool, which enables collecting and analysing the aforementioned information. See more about Google Analytics here.
2.2. You can prohibit Google Analytics from collecting data in your browser at any time. You can find the instructions here.
2.3. The purpose of collecting the aforementioned data is to ensure the ease of use of the website; data collection is based on the legitimate interest of Tartu Veekeskus to use the public means entrusted to them for maintaining a website in a manner that enables the website to fulfil its objectives in the best possible way.

3. Logs
3.1. The website of Tartu Veekeskus is hosted by a server, which may save log files. This data is used only for technical purposes – to ensure the proper functioning of the website and investigate incidents which may have involved security risks.
3.2. The purpose of collecting the aforementioned data is to ensure the technical accessibility and security of the website based on the legitimate interest of Tartu Veekeskus to notify the public of the services offered and the contact details.

4. Marketing
Tartu Veekeskus sends newsletters about the activities of the Veekeskus to those who have subscribed to the newsletter on the website.

5. Profiling
Tartu Veekeskus does not compile individual profiles about the visitors of the website.

6. Access to data
6.1. The provider of the Google Analytics tool, who has access to the statistical data collected, is Google LLC. This is a large company that has implemented measures to comply with the privacy standards required in the European Union (Privacy Shield data protection framework of the EU and the US).
6.2. Google undertakes the following obligations with regard to Google Analytics users.
6.3. Cookies can be accessed by the cooperation partner Creaton OÜ.

7 Data storage
7.1. Tartu Veekeskus does not store cookie data.