Loyal customer card

Thinking of our regular customers, the Aura Centre is offering them a preferred customer card which gives its holder discounts and the opportunity to earn free bonus visits.
The user of the card gets a 10% discount from regular prices and the saved euros are put on the client’s bonus visit account, which can later be used either in the swimming pool, water park, health club or for water aerobics classes.
The card is valid for four service groups: swimming pool, water park, health club and water aerobics classes.
The calculations are done in the following principle:  10 € = 1 bonus euros.
For example: a 5 € ticket to the swimming pool gives you 0.50 bonus euros. Having collected a certain amount of bonus euros, you can exchange them for the service of your choice according to the current price list.
Ordering and using the preferred customer card:
• An application for a preferred customer card can be filled with the receptionist or on the Aura Centre homepage.
• The cost of the card according to the current price list can be paid in cash at the desk or to the bank account of Tartu Veekeskus OÜ, 10220017058019.
• The card will become valid two days after submitting the application. The holder will receive the card from the receptionist of the Aura Centre.
• When visiting the centre, you must present the card to the receptionist before paying for services.
• The bonus euros collected in one month are transferred to the bonus visit account on the first day of every month.
• The collected bonus euros can be exchanged for a bonus visit either to the swimming pool, water park, health club or for water aerobics classes. The bonus visit must be paid in full with bonus euros (no possibility of additional payments or getting a refund).
• Additional services (e.g. renting a towel) and campaign prices are not taken into account in the calculation of the bonus euros.
• If a card has not been used for 12 months after the last transaction, the card and the bonus euros become invalid.
• If a card has been lost or damaged, a new one can be applied for. The cost of the new card will be charged according to the current price list.

NB! You must pay for the loyal customer card ordered online by transferring the corresponding sum to the OÜ Tartu Veekeskus settlement account No. 10220017058019 as soon as you submit the application.